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Energy Healing - and what can I do for you ....

Updated: Apr 21

The traumas from our past - and all of us have at least some - need to be released in order to regain our perfect health. If not, they build up in our systems, affecting our feelings, our actions and - eventually, our health, physical, emotional, mental - and even spiritual. Energy healing can help us by processing and releasing these blocks, allowing us to restore ourselves to wellness.

All of my products - my music, my distant healing and my personal sessions - lead to better health.

1. ”Magical Pain Relief"

the revolutionary solution for ending physical pain and finding relief from headaches, back pain, jaw pain, surgery-related pain and more.

2. ”Ease and Breeze"

the revolutionary solution for ending emotional pain and finding relief from stress, fear, depression, poor sleep and more.

Imagine ...

... being able to listen to music that actually helps reduces and even ELIMINATES your pain (physical or emotional)

Both Programs (Magical Pain Relief and Ease and Breeze) include…

  • 9-minute healing energy-infused music tracks designed to significantly reduce the pain of your disorder and accelerate the healing process.

  • Acupressure protocols designed to significantly reduce the pain of your disorder and accelerate the healing process.

Listening to the music supports new ways of thinking and being. The more you listen, the more support you'll receive! I recommend putting the track “on loop” and listening to it continuously.

You can also play the music with zero volume (even while sleeping …) - this also works wonders!

And when you listen to the music while using the acupressure protocols, the healing effect is multiplied. The Protocols have been infused with Source Healing Energy. Their purpose is to significantly reduce pain and stress in accordance with your “highest and best”.

There are very many acupressure protocols “out there” for the treatment of pain and stress. The ones in this program have been carefully chosen to enable easy self-treatment.

Full relief may take time. Consistency and patience are the keys to success here.

3. Infused Clothing

A six-month program of distant (remote) healing which works to remove deep-rooted blocks in every aspect of your life (physical, mental, emotional, relationship, career, financial - and more)

This healing infuses your wardrobe, your jewelry, your eyewear, your personal care products and your food with healing energy.

It can complement everything else you do to enrich your life and deepen your health.

Imagine ...

… being able to wear your own clothes infused with healing energy sent to remove deep-rooted blocks in every aspect of your life (physical, mental, emotional, relationship, career, financial - and more)

4. Personal Sessions

When it comes to intuitive healing, most people benefit from receiving a private session with a healer. A one-on-one session with William Livingstone is one of the best ways to receive heart-centered and skilled support to process past hurt, pain and energy blocks preventing you from thriving in your life.

During a session, you can expect to receive intuitive guidance and energy clearing from a healer who is connected to Source and Higher Wisdom. This can offer you deeper healing as well as insight on how to support yourself in your day to day life - and along your spiritual journey.

My distant (remote) healing Programs are extremely beneficial by themselves. They offer the advantage of accessibility and convenience. They can be used at any time and as frequently as desired, providing a more self-directed approach to healing.

Personal Sessions customize your healing, addressing unique concerns and allowing for immediate feedback and adjustment. They can uncover the root cause of issues enabling you to move forward in your life more quickly and more easily. In them I can can direct energy intuitively, honing in on specific areas of concern or emotional blocks that might not be addressed as effectively through an energetically infused pre-recorded MP3.

Both options, my distant healing and my personal sessions, have their merits, and you will choose based on your preferences, needs, and the level of personalization you seek in your own healing journey.



My products are good.

They work for a very large number of people and do what I claim they can do. But, like all things in life, they probably won’t work for everybody in every circumstance.

Long-term challenges can take time to heal, especially if they are chronic and deep. Do not expect this to be a “be-all, fix-all” solution, but intend to see improvement in a way that is in your highest and best.

And, please note that I, William Livingstone, am neither a medical doctor nor a psychologist nor a psychotherapist.

I am an accredited Naturopath and Medical Intuitive. I have many years of experience working with clients on physical, emotional and spiritual issues. 


Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon the information in this Website, I encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals. I do not provide any kind of medical/health advice.

If you have questions about any of these programs and whether they will help you - or others - with specific issues, email me at

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