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Infuse your Clothing
with Healing Energies

Introducing a revolutionary program to promote your general health

William Livingstone is a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive with over 40 years experience. His three programs and personal sessions work to relieve pain and stress.

Are you concerned by challenges

in any of the following areas?

If so, this program will help you
heal faster and deeper.

What is the
“Infused Clothing” Program?

This program is revolutionary. It's also unique. It's also different.

It's a distant healing program in which the clothes and accessories you wear, the personal care products you use and the food and drinks you consume are infused with healing energies for helping you have what you desire.


Source scans you daily 24/7 to determine what you need in that moment and what you are aligned with. Then your clothes and all you put on - and in - your body are infused with healing energies that go directly into your bloodstream quickly and safely. 

This healing enables your body cells to open up faster because of the physical contact with the clothes. It will never overprocess you or cause side effects.

You will not smell or feel this healing. Source will choose what is divine for you in each moment. The treatments and energies are adjusted throughout the day if needed.

This healing will not only NOT interfere with any other healing method that you are currently working with. It will materially multiply and strengthen the effect. Everything that you are doing to help yourself get better health will be empowered.

All of this helps you heal deeper and faster.

If you have questions about this program and whether it will help you or others with specific issues, email William at


Everything here for three full months


The following items are not infused with the healing energies of this program:
pillows, pillowcases, sheets, bedsheets, blankets

medicinal or prescription products
ssential oils & other oils directly on skin

moisturizer as oil or gel form
makeup and foundation
healing ointments & potions



Long-term challenges can take time to heal, especially if they are chronic, deep, etc.


Do not expect this to be a “be-all, fix-all” solution, but intend to see improvement in a way that is in your highest and best.

If you have questions about this program and whether it will help you or others with specific issues, email William at

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