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Many people have benefitted from working with William. Here are some of their stories:

"About a month after I had surgery for breast cancer in my left breast I was having a lot of pain in my sternum from a tissue expander being stitched to it. I also have had migraines for many years, especially when there is a barometric pressure change.

William was sending distance healing energy. He also sent us MP3's for headache/migraines, neck and shoulder pain and a post-surgical pain as well as others. I put these 3 MP3's on a playlist and on repeat. I then played them next to my bed on silent overnight while I slept.

My pains went away and as an added bonus my stress level went down. I woke up the very next day to no pain. Once again 1 night of listening allowed me to wake up to No Pain.

I can't thank William enough for the rapid healings of my post surgical pain. I also haven't had a headache come on since playing his MP3's on silent overnight the first night and then off and on the next 2 weeks. We had a zoom meeting and William was such a kind gentleman with a soothing voice which helped to relieve any stress I was feeling. Truly grateful to have the chance to experience William's healing abilities."

Barb, California

"Thank you for all your lovely healing sessions. They have been very beneficial for me. The information coming through has all made sense with what I have been dealing with body wise for quite some time.

I thought I would give you a quick update on progress. I am sleeping much better since we had a session about that and the bladder. Still have to get up to go to the toilet at night but not as much since that session.. I had a blood test which showed the blood in my urine was no longer there and that was done in the session when you healed the reason why this was happening.
The electrical charges which were going down my left leg have stopped and not returned. My knees are healing and this week the pain in them has almost completely gone and I am not so stiff.

The bruise on my left shin no longer feels tender to touch and I can no longer feel the slight indentation that was there from my 2008 motor vehicle accident. It has gone from a dark purple to a purple brown so is obviously healing and beginning to fade.

So thank you for all the sessions you have done with me. I have been really pleased the energetic cranial sacral has come through for you and I look forward to finding out how this develops further when you have your internet business up and running.

P.S. It was also reassuring with last week's session to find all is ok with my brain and I do not have any signs of dementia."

— Deborah Sawyer, Auckland, New Zealand

"I had an instant deep level of trust in William Livingstone. I sensed his gentle, caring kindness; and it’s genuine. He reminds me of Jesus. After just one session, I realized why I selected to work with him out of a long list of healers. He was the right one at the right time for a particular very old deep emotional trauma involving a significant man in my life. His support in processing was spot on. I felt so cared for and safe. I am forever grateful!!!

His remote body work is amazing and reduced my low back pain in one session by 6 points on 10 point scale. I’ve worked with many healers throughout the years, including well known seasoned healers. He’s the go to for trauma, trust and safety issues. William is the best of the best because of his pureness of heart."

Chicago, USA

"At that time I was experiencing upper left shoulder pain  (perhaps starting frozen shoulder) and the pain level was around 5 or 6. It was particularly painful when I extend my left arm. The pain started around 4 months ago perhaps with the onset of menopause as well as around the time a month after my father passed away. 

When I started listening to each of the musical mp3s infused with healing energies, the pain started easing out. With each mp3 I would always feel waves of relaxation in my body. Any sense of heaviness or tightness in my body also goes away. I would also feel really peaceful and calm, but centered and strong. I felt my jaw feeling so much more relaxed when before I felt some tightness. I also loved doing the acupressure points while listening to it. After listening I would always feel lightness not only in the jaw area but also in my neck, around the throat area as well as on my shoulders.It really is a Multifaceted Approach to Pain Relief.

After a month of healing, the level of pain in my upper left shoulder is down to a 1 from 5. I am again so grateful."

Maria, Canada

"William's expertise as a Naturopath combined with his incredible intuition has prompted me to be more aware of things that I tend to ignore. I’ve spent my life trying to hide from the world and although I’m very open to healing the trauma that I’ve experienced in my life, I tend to panic at the thought of working with an Intuitive Healer... panic at the thought of “being seen”.

William has a way of easing that panic in me. He draws it out in such a manner where I feel safe... where I don’t feel judged or “less than”. It’s so comforting that I don’t even feel like it’s a “session”... more like spending time with a great friend who sees every aspect of me and appreciates me no matter what."

—Irene Groh,
Sexual Wellness and Beauty Consultant,
New Mexico, USA

"Every healer needs a healer to lean on, and William's compassionate insight and intuition into a family member's complex issue helped me feel seen and understood. He was able to guide me on how to approach the situation with more calm.

This allowed me to create a plan of action, and as a result, I feel more capable of my role as caretaker while taking care of myself in the process. I am grateful for William's expert healing facilitation and professional support."

—Devora Gila Berkowitz,
Medical Intuitive and Divine Energy Healer,

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