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About William

I am a Naturopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Medical Intuitive. I am a distant energy healer and teacher with nigh-on forty years of experience serving clients and students.

I give my clients a safe place where they feel heard and can open to receive healing - emotionally, physically and mentally. Here they can reduce stress and pain and increase well-being and enhanced health.

I use my knowledge and long experience of naturopathic medicine together with a highly acute intuition and strong connection to Source (*see definition below) to clear blocks, transform fears, beliefs and anything of a low resonance including health issues. My healing modalities are effective and yet gentle.

Additionally, I hold a degree in mathematics and statistics from Saint Andrews University in Scotland and diplomas in Laughter Therapy from Madan Kataria and Colin Wilson. All of these undoubtedly demonstrate that I am, truly, a most-highly spiritual being in a not-too-athletic and very-mistake-prone human body.


By Source, I mean pure energy.

Some medical intuitives refer to Source by different names such as:

​Source Energy, The Universe, The Divine,
Divine Mind, Nature, Their Higher Team,
God, The Creator, Angels... or by other names. 

The (Partial) Story of
My Journey to Healer

I first discovered my intuitive-manifesting skills around the age of seven. My two younger siblings and I had a nanny whom we absolutely loathed but didn’t have the courage or understanding to tell our parents. I took my brother and sister to an old well at the back of our grandparents’ very large garden, dropped in a few coins and made up a ritual to get rid of her. Within a month she had to go back to her hometown to look after her sick mother. And she never came back.

Wow, was I surprised! I think, even then, that I went into shock.

Time passed, I discovered astrology, palm reading and divination which opened me up to the realisation that the world is far, far bigger than all that I knew - or understood. That realisation eventually brought me to learn Transcendental Meditation through which my connection to Source grew exponentially. Shortly after that I began to teach it.

Some many years later while studying Naturopathy, I began to work with Upledger’s Cranio-Sacral therapy and my latent intuitive skills played a great part in helping patients to deal with their issues. The more I worked with this - and taught it - for over 30 years, the more accurate I became.

I now incorporate into my work some combinations of cranio, energy healing, acupressure, creative visualization and - yes - laughter. This works well in both my physical one-on-one sessions and in my distant healing.

I have learned much during my years of practice, but it is this short pearl of wisdom from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi which stands out the most powerfully: “Do less, accomplish more”.

Less is indeed more.

A Healing Session
What is it like?

My energy work can be accessed in a physical one-on-one session or over-distance through the phone, Zoom or Skype. 

My physical and energy work will never overprocess you, cause detox or side effects even if you are very sensitive. 

The receiver leaves feeling lighter and happier after every session.

Healings are very gentle. The new energies are received immediately and integrate over the next few days. During this time you may have new insights and/or a physical shift. You may feel a profound sense of wholeness.

We connect via Zoom or phone (audio only) and begin talking about your intention for the session. Setting a clear intention informs and guides the energy, and willingness opens you up to receive. Expressing what troubles you is also a part of the healing, and releases blockages out of your mind and body. My clients usually feel a great degree of relaxation and peace. 

Water Lily

"Learn to sit still, to wait. . . for deep stillness then start."

- from The Heart of Listening by Hugh Milne, 1995 


I have come across
many, wonderful, wonderful teachers in my journey.
​Here are some of them:

My first and most important Guru,

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who taught me

how to transcend;

My most significant instructor, Leon Chaitow,

who taught me how to touch;

​The Samaritans, who taught me how to listen;

Stuart Berger, who challenged me

to imagine and create;


Stacey Mayo, who forged, directed and attuned

my intuitive powers; 

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who taught me

the importance of consistency.

All my students and patients who have challenged me to find clearer and simpler ways to explain what was in my mind;

My ex-wife, Pnina, who taught me

the importance of letting go of my ego;

My long-suffering and loving partner, Galya,

who taught me to - finally - appreciate myself;

My amazing daughter, Tzoufit,

who taught me unconditional love;

My grandchildren, all 9 of them, Neta, Ofer, Gil, Yuval, Maya, Ella, Leah, Yuval and Yonatan,

who incessantly - and forcefully - give rein to my Inner Child and let me fly with the wind.


Pure Energy, Source Energy, The Universe,


The Divine, Divine Mind, Nature, Their Higher Team,


God, The Creator, Angels...


or, a whole bunch of other names


from whom I have received absolutely everything, and who actually does all the work for which I get the credit.

To all of them, I owe a debt,
incalculable, unfathomable and infinite,
and to whom, I am, and always will be, eternally grateful.

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