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Are you tired of living with pain?

What if you could become pain-free
within a short time?

Hi there, my name is William Livingstone.

I'm a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive with over 40 years experience helping people to heal themselves with energy medicine, thereby reducing their physical and emotional pain.

In a short 15-minute free consult over Zoom you can discover how I can help you.

Hugging a Pillow


... are designed to work with your body’s natural healing process helping you get REAL LASTING RELIEF without drugs or medical procedures.


The elements of these programs are specially designed to work together to help you get rid of your pain effortlessly and rapidly.

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"William is a healer in the deep sense of the word. After meeting countless practitioners from every part of the world, I can say that William is a rare kind. He listens to subtle information and responds with immense gentleness. He cares deeply. His wisdom, kindness and great sense of humor create a safe environment for the body and soul to relax and heal. I am truly grateful to have had William as part of my own healing journey."

D.D., Israel


Meet William

Hello there, fellow traveller. Come on in.

I’m really happy to be here and able to serve you.
My clients reduce their stress and pain and increase their sense of well-being and enhanced health. The process often translates into a lot of fun.

Everything is made up of energy, including our bodies. And, together, you and I can delve into Energy Healing.

Energy Healing can help you achieve inner peace, joy, clarity, and ease in all areas of your life. The results are often swift and can sometimes seem almost miraculous. 


A Personal Session with me can tailor the healing to your specific needs and focus the energy on areas of concern or emotional blocks. This can multiply and strengthen many-fold the results from using my programs. With the purchase of a Personal Session you will receive as a free bonus a customized music track and acupressure protocol - both infused with healing energy.

Some of the areas in which my clients have been helped the most are: pain, chronic illness, trauma, surgery, relationships, life transitions, personal and spiritual growth.

If something here resonates with you, touches you, attracts you - please do get in touch - and we can create healing together.

​With joy and awe.

Get your free gift here ...

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Get your free gift HERE

A free 9-minute healing program of audio and an ebook to help you relax.

Please enter your details below to get your mp3 and booklet.

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