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How to Tell if You're Healing

Updated: Apr 21

There are many signs that you are healing. Some, or many of these likely happen during the course of your day.

I want to help you understand what to look for. It can be hard to know all that is happening on your behalf when you are receiving distant healing over time.

People often focus on one challenging area and if they don't see a shift there, they can't tell if they are healing.

Some areas are deep and take a long time before you can see a physical change.

Over time, the deep issues heal, and physical shifts happen.

In the meantime, you can use the list below to help you notice when your system is shifting and significant healing has happened.

Possible Signs You’ve Had A Shift

You suddenly notice one of the things listed below:

You . . .

•     Feel more peaceful for no reason

•     Have more energy

•     Feel happier for no reason

•     Feel a “nice” warmth or tingling sensations in specific areas of the body

•     Feel lighter

•     Release pent-up emotions, sometimes manifesting as tears or a sense of emotional relief

•     Notice that your mood is better

•     Discover better sleep quality and patterns, more restful nights and, sometimes vivid dreams

•     Have less or no pain in an area

•     Have improved mental clarity, focus, and a sense of mental balance

•     Feel more abundant

•     Manifest something

•     Feel more relaxed

•     React more positively

•     Yawn several times - this may be a release

•     Discover that a symptom is less or gone

•     Have a behavioral change

•     Notice that a habit shifts in a positive direction

•     Take deep breaths (unconsciously)

•     Smile for no reason

•     Other: it could be something other than is what on this list

Any of the above is often a sign that healing has happened. Make it a practice to notice and write down your shifts daily.

It's essential to note that these experiences are subjective, and the effectiveness of distant healing is a personal and individualized matter. Additionally, these perceived signs should never replace professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult with healthcare professionals for any health-related concerns.

Tips for Helping Yourself Shift

\When symptoms bother you, rather than focusing on what is not working for you or reacting, try the following:

1. Tell yourself it’s healing and moving — because it is. This may help your system relax and shifts can happen faster when you are relaxed. (do it when and if it feels good to do it).

2. Do other things that help you relax.

3. Do things that are fun in ways that work for you.

4. Do what you can to enjoy your life while healing is happening.

Amount of Time Needed to Heal

This will vary with each person. The amount of time needed to heal depends on the depth of the issue. If you’ve had one or more symptoms/challenges/issues for a long time, the issue is typically deep and takes longer to heal. It is difficult to predict how long it will take to heal an issue because so much of the cause is hidden in one’s system. Therefore, we do not even try to predict this at this time.

Ups and Downs in Your Health

There are often ups and downs during the healing process. When things get better and then get worse, it is often a sign something got triggered that caused a new symptom to show up or an old system to occur again. This is nothing to panic about. Things will likely get triggered until the issue is healed in entirety.

William’s healing processes do NOT cause you to get triggered or affect you negatively at all. Peoples' old abuse issues get triggered in the course of everyday life.

Q. What can I do to help myself heal?

A.     It is important to stretch and move your body (including - and, especially, your head and jaw) throughout the day.

No Progress?

If you have been on my healing program for a while and are not seeing a difference yet, please know the deep issues are healing.

When all hidden that is causing your issues/symptoms/challenges is found, you will see a difference in that issue on a physical level.

If you want to make faster progress, you may want to consider having a Personal Session with me.

Everyone is different and you will likely benefit from more help. People generally heal many, many times faster during private sessions with me.

You can purchase a private 30-minute healing session with William at the link below. These sessions are held typically on Zoom. After you purchase, you will be taken to my online calendar to schedule a session.

If you do not find a time that works for you, you can contact me to see what else is available that will work for both of you.

More Questions?

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