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Infused Clothing - Three-Month Program

Infused Clothing - Three-Month Program


Infusing for three months all your wardrobe, jewelry, eyewear, personal care products and nutrition from the moment you purchase this program.. You also get with this purchase a healing-energy infused Guided Imagery track for manifesting your Heart's Desire

    • Distant Healing 24/7 for three months from the moment of purchase infusing your clothing, jewelry, eyeware, personal care products and nutrition.


    • One mp3 consisting of a 5 minute track fused together with the Schumann Resonance, 7.83. 


    • One ebooklet with full instructions for use.




    Both the mp3 and the booklet have been infused with Source Healing Energy which begins to be sent to you 24/7 from the moment you purchase this product and will continue being sent for three months.


    The purpose is to accelerate healing in accordance with your “highest and best”.

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