Bill's Music

Composition of any type of music is a mystery. For my thoughts on this subject see Ch. 19 of my memoir, Preposterous: Tales to Follow.
— Bill Livingstone
"The Busy Buddy is actually Bruce Gandy. I composed this hornpipe, originally inspired by some wonderful tricky fingering in a reel Bruce played in his solo at the Live in Ireland concert in 1987. It's a difficult thing to play, and Stuart Liddell has made lunch of it many times, as really only someone like Stuart can do. I once judged the hornpipe and jig at Inverness when Stuart came along and gave his submissions. It was my call so of course I chose The Busy Buddy. My bench mates, not entirely current on modern tunes were perplexed, but agreed it was first prize material."

                             - Bill Livingstone